Arrowview Chiropractic Group
Dr. Augustine Amerigo, DC QME
Dr. Robert M. DeLuca, DC QME

980 North D Street

San Bernardino, CA  92410

(909) 884-1277

(909) 381-381-6237 fax

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday
9am - 6pm

“The vertebrae of the spine are likely to be displaced or subluxated.  One of more vertebrae may get out of place very much.  This may cause serious complications, and even death, if not properly adjusted.  Whoever pays no attention, or paying attention, does not comprehend them, how can he understand the disease which befalls man?  The doctor should look well to the spine, for many diseases have their origin in vertebral displacements."   ~Hippocrates

The chiropractic doctors of Arrowview Chiropractic Group have been evaluating and treating patients in the Inland Empire since 1980.  Dr. Amerigo and Dr. DeLuca focus on musculo-skeletal conditions utilizing a non surgical, drugless approach to reduce pain and restore function.  The goal is to provide patients with effective results so that they can achieve optimal health and wellness.  We practice a hands on approach to health care that includes full comprehensive examination, diagnosis and treatment.

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